Marigny New Orleans

The Marigny New Orleans

This small wedge of land located just downriver from the French Quarter has become very popular among locals and tourists. It formed as a natural extension of the French Quarter. You’ll find world-famous jazz clubs and restaurants lining Frenchmen Street in this unique section of town. Every night you can hear big-name acts jamming with the hippest stars of tomorrow. The Marigny is home to some of the city’s trendiest restaurants. These places are where new chefs constantly reinvent the city’s cuisine. Neighborhood galleries and antique stores offer goods for every budget, from museum-quality art to thrift-shop chic. The area’s collection of late Georgian, Creole, and Greek Revival houses sit close together. A Stroll through this neighborhood is a feast for the eyes!

The Marigny is named for Bernard de Marigny. This adventurous Frenchman brought the game of craps to this country. His gambling habits eventually led to his need to raise money. For this reason, his land holdings just downriver from the French Quarter were subdivided into residential lots and sold in the 1700s. Industrial sites and warehouses were also developed in the area soon after he sold this land. The Creole cottage is the predominant architectural style of this historic neighborhood, but there is a diverse array of many architectural styles.

Although the neighborhood declined badly in the mid-20th century, it came back strong in the late 20th century following the 1984 World’s Fair. The World’s Fair drove many long-term residents from the French Quarter into the Marigny. Frenchmen Street soon developed the city’s premier collection of live music venues and restaurants, and is a popular destination for both locals and knowledgeable out-of-towners.

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