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Hiring a Buyer’s Agent

How much does it cost to hire a buyer’s agent?

It’s free to hire a buyer’s agent. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using the services of a buyer’s agent.

So how does the buyer’s agent get paid? All commissions paid comes from seller. When the seller lists his home for sale, he signs a listing agreement to pay a commission upon sale of the home. The commission paid is then split between the seller’s side and the buyer’s side. So please call me. I would love to represent you as your personal buyer’s agent.

But there are other reasons why you should use a buyer’s agent.

1.  As your Realtor, I’ll guide you through the many steps along the way from shopping for a house to the closing table. Searching for properties, setting up appointments, making offers, negotiating a good deal, handling inspections, helping to arrange financing, working with the title company…these are just some of the components of the buying side of a real estate deal that I will take care of. I am experienced and skilled at all of these. I am also extremely competent when it comes to preparing all of the documents necessary in a real estate transaction. There is no need to lose time and money because of a lack of understanding of these lengthy and complicated contracts. I’m here to fully explain these docs to you so you can make informed decisions.

2. The seller’s agent is contractually obligated to look out for the best interest of the seller. You will need the advice and protection of someone who is obligated to have your best interest at the forefront. That is where I come in. I’ll be YOUR representative, obligated only to YOU. I’m here to get the best purchase price and negotiate on YOUR behalf and no one else’s.

So call me today and let’s get movin’!!