Downriver from The Marigny is the predominantly residential area know as The Bywater. Most homes here were constructed from the mid-nineteenth century through the 1930s. At that time, the residents were primarily craftsmen, masons and other artisans. They were free people of color, Creoles, Germans, Italians and Irishmen. The Victorian shotgun houses and Creole cottages still dominate this relaxed neighborhood where history has been preserved in its architecture.

Today, this trendy area is home to young professionals, musicians, painters, photographers and other artists. It has a feel a modern day bohemian art scene where the 19th and 20th centuries intersect with modern-day life. A visit to this area will bring sights of corner grocery stores, neighborhood bars, artists’ studios and late night cafés laced among residences. Funky, cutting-edge, trendy and delightful are just a few words that can describe this charming New Orleans neighborhood.